Price: $99

Spoon Bending 
Cloud Busting 
Moving a Compass Needle 
Changing the time on a borrowed watch 
Remote PK: Affecting objects at a distance in REAL TIME 
Causing borrowed items to become hot, cold, lighter, heavier, pulsating with energy and even glow in the dark!

 The full course consists of 3 additional power tracks and OVER 3 MORE hours of expert teaching, including: Impromptu PK, TK and “mind over matter” demonstrations using non-gimmicked, every day, BORROWED ITEMS such as coins, dice, playing cards, pendulums, keys, coins, dollar bills, phones, watches, cameras and film strips, litmus tests, home clocks, alarms and radios, working with a compass, needle and thread, thermometers, K2 meters, PSI wheels and pinwheel spinners, wedding rings and other jewelry, plants and flowers (biokinesis), affecting your own and others’ body temperature, heartbeats and pulse rate, fire and candle flames, feathers, ice cubes, paper/origami, drinking straws, plastic bags and balloons, light bulbs, psychic seed sprouting, charging and programming tap water, removing the carbonation from cans of soda or transforming alcoholic beverages & raising their quality with pure life force energy, instant feats of healing with yourself and others through projected “chi power”, mindfulness practice and relaxed focused awareness, glass moving PK, group and solo table tipping, psychokinetic “spirit rapping”, raising the wind and controlling the weather, creating and programming “PSI Balls”, granting wishes and the use of PK alongside the laws of attraction, creation, manifestation, power goal setting and much, much more!

 There has never been such a complete gathering of methods, techniques and effects in one place or as in-depth of a lecture, complete teaching and full discussion as the one I’m presenting to you here and offering now. 

This is serious mojo and geared specifically towards those working in the combined arts and related fields of modern magical and mystery performance, bizarre magick, contemporary mind reading and mentalism, stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy, psychic entertainment and the world’s most direct form of psycho-spiritual performance art and life force theater.
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